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Saturday Search Success!

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Subject: Saturday Search Success!
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 13:58:14 -0600
Just thought I'd share my Saturday discovery...
FWIW, I finally hit a small jackpot at a Louisville junkyard today! Yippee!
Went out into the yard and there in a line:
'73 B mostly there (big yippee for me)
'72 B hardly there -- no engine
a TR4, (in the name of LBC unity) very decent for a junkie...with a
textured(vinyl covered) black hard top! and the seats looked perfect and
nice steering wheel and shift knob.
AND a '68 AH Sprite, with a decent looking engine, at least the valve cover
still had the original A-H greenish color and sticker and the original
steering wheel was intact!
It was a bittersweet moment seeing them all sitting there like that, but at
least I've found a good parts car. They're all getting rustier in this KY
weather. That TR4 hardtop might be a find for a TR person!
Now no grabbers on my find! Although I think there are few listers near me.

'73 B

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