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Re: Looking for a MG Midgit Mech./Need trans.

Subject: Re: Looking for a MG Midgit Mech./Need trans.
From: (Rick Morrison)
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 22:20:03 EDT
For $1295 you should get a ribcase transmission and a spare!
 VB lists 1275 trannys at $795 outright.
 They are not hard to rebuild, IF you have been into a transmission a
couple of times before. Very straight forward and not many of the 
"fiddley bits" to fly accross the workshop
Rick Morrison
74 Midget

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998 13:19:24 -0500 "Joe R. Koster" <>
>Hello again!
>Thanks to all who responded about a Mechanic.  I finally got to talk 
>one here in Tulsa.  His name is Mike Jones.  We hammered out 
>and found out that my transmission is bad. So now my question is does 
>know where I can find a good Transmission for my 1275 engine midgit. 
>said that he can get one for $1295.00.  Is that reasonable and also 
>are they
>hard to rebuild?  Again thanks to all, now I can move on the way to 
>it back on the road.  I'm getting excited again!  Also Larry if you 
>this can your mechanic in Arkansas rebuild a Transmission reasonably.  
>I can
>pull the Tranny
>if that will save some money.  Cause I am a poor boy in Oklahoma!  
>to have fun with my little Midgit.
>Thanks a Million or a least a Thousand!
>Joe Koster
>71 MG Midgit

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