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Re: Overdrive unit operation

To: Carl Mole <>
Subject: Re: Overdrive unit operation
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 09:10:14 -0700
Carl Mole wrote:
> What is the correct operation of the over driveunit.
> ie. what speed should the overdrive be enabled and disabled

   Any speed at which the engine will pull it comfortably. I.E.: 40 mph
on level terrain in 4th gear.  I used to kick in the overdrive as a rev
extender in 2nd and 3rd, like shifting gears.  

> should the clutch be depressed on flicking the switch etc

  Not if the OD is working right.  It ought to kick in and out on
demand.  That's the beauty of a full-electric unit.  Say you're going up
a steep hill in OD and the engine starts lugging down.  You flick the
switch, the thing shifts down and awaaayy you go!
> ----------------------
> Carl Mole

  Charley Robinson
  Kerrville, TX, USA
  NAMGBR  8-3530
  `69 B Roadster

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