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Re: Which Pilot/Spigot Bushing?

To: Andy Ramm <>
Subject: Re: Which Pilot/Spigot Bushing?
From: "Richard A. Boris" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 21:48:41 +0100
Hi Andy:

The early 5 main Mark 1 engines 64-67 used a 1.5 inch in length pilot
bushing. The later engines used the 1.0 inch in length bushing. I think
you must use the 67B flywheel, back plate, starter because of the
configuration of the bellhousing section of the gearbox. The flywheels
are also a different diameter and the ring gear is installed in reverse
order because the 67B uses an inertia starter whereas the pinion is
located behind the bellhousing.

                                                                Good Luck: Rich 
Boris 67B Roadster

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