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RE: Lucas Fuses "ED" talk

To: "'Jethogger'" <>
Subject: RE: Lucas Fuses "ED" talk
From: "Nunez, Eduardo" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 08:22:58 -0400
Sorry if my response did not help you.  I do not have info/specs on
Lucas glass type fuses, but my the modern rules for circuit protection
and the latest specs of fuses 17A sounds a bit low.  

I'm not a lawyer, I am just a lowly engineer working for one of the big
3 designing electrical centers (modern ones).

Ed Nunez

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> Hello Ed.  After reading both of your note and at last a disclaimer.
> You
> never in hell answer the simple question.  Does a Lucus 35A fuse blow
> at 17As.
> Are you some type of  lawyer or something.  All that tech talk and
> then a
> disclaimer.  Wow.

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