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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 12:25:14 -0700

I have a 1966 B that I'm putting back together.  A change to negative earth
is easy to do and has benefits as far as adding modern radio's (and to allay
the chance that some mechanic somewhere will forget that I said POSITIVE
EARTH).  I have decided to opt for the alternator rather than the
dynamo/generator.  The dynamo does not charge the battery until the engine
is running about 2500 RPM.  The stock dynamo is rated at 22 amps whereas you
can get an alternators (Lucas) rated to 43 amps.  I had been told that the
ignition warning light will come on at stop lights as the dynamo does not
charge at idle.  And the blinkers can blink slower or faster depending on
the engine speed.  I am am planning on running halogen lights and installing
a modern moderately powered stereo so the extra juice would not hurt.

I probably don't really NEED an alternator, but the ignition light and
blinker issue would drive me nuts!  The modification does not look out of
place and besides, you can eliminate the voltage control box which makes the
engine bay look just a leetle bit cleaner.

I have been asking around for the wiring modifications and have received
responses from Dan Masters and John Twist on this topic.  If you would like
them, please let me know and I'll forward to all who ask.  Dan Masters also
sent me a wiring diagram for installing emergency flashers in a Mark I.

Doug Gaither

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> Well it looks like I'll be getting a Mark I 'B in the next few weeks!
> Question, is the generator something worry about?  In the Porter book it
> says the positive-earth cars don't charge the battery as well - would
> changing the car to negative earth help the situation?  Is replacing
> with an alternator possible/suggested/standard practise?
> Here's wishing the N.A. Mark II didn't have that stupid Abingdon
> Skye
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