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Re: Noisy CB in my TD

Subject: Re: Noisy CB in my TD
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 07:47:25 EDT
Hi Charlie,
  The copper wires must have somethign to do with this, as the TD will
cause radio popping on the MGB radio when the TD is running and parked
close alongside. I suppose that rigging carbon core wires could be done,
though somewhere along the line I was told that resistor plugs or carbon
wires would do the trick, but that one need not do both. Having typed
that, I recall that my S-19 pickup _does_ have both, and its radio and
the CB are always quiet, except when the distributor rotor begins to burn
through--then I hear a popping in the radio and know it's time to replace
cap & rotor.
  Both you and Bob Allen mention battery power as working better. Perhaps
some of the noise is from the generator too?
  I never hooked up to the old T list, so can't compare to the present
one. If it's quiet, could be that folks are deeply involved in
unanticipated Spring preparations, as I am.
>Bob and Mark,
>I've had a similar problem with my CB in the TD. I converted to 
>ground and installed a "cigarette lighter" socket under the dash to 
>the CB into, later installed something from radio shack that was
>supposed to cut down on static and also put a remote antenna
>magnetically mounted on top of the gas tank and have had no luck with
>using the unit this way. I did install resistor plugs but nothing on 
>distributor. Perhaps the type of plug wires(copper wire and not 
>type) we use are a problem?
>When I use the CD with the battery pack there is no problem at all.
>BTW, this T-series list is almost too quiet. Maybe a lot of the T 
>folks got disgusted as I did with the original MG list and got off of 
>and don't yet know about this one.
>'52 TD #14552
>York, PA

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