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Re: Noisy CB in my TD

Subject: Re: Noisy CB in my TD
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 16:41:37 EDT
  A number of people take a CB radio along because they travel in groups,
especially club events.  Here in New England, it's not likely that 12-14
cars will get through a stoplight together, and the group then gets
further separated by any number of other vehicles.  The idea of the CBs
is that the parts of the group can speak to everyone, and can be used to
reassemble a group, something that a cell phone, excellent though it may
be for other purposes, is not configured to do.
  By the way, the Ferrarri write-up in April Road & Track, page 68,
refers to the stereo in the first paragraph,  and MG provided
instructions for dealer installation of radios in the TD glovebox.

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998 12:41:11 EDT DOGEDOC <> writes:
>Just some thoughts.
>1.) Get a cell phone. You can speak to anyone and not worry about 
>noise and it
>won't take up space and ruin the originality of the car. The prices of 
>service  have come down dramtically  in the States.
>2.) What the devil is a radio ( any kind) doing in a sports car?? To 
>this day,
>Ferrari's  are shipped from Maranello "senza radiomobile". When "Il
>Comendatore" was asked why, he said " l'unica musica voglio sentire e' 
>del motore. C'e' una sinfonia sotto il coffano" i.e "the only music I 
>want to
>hear is that of the engine. There is a symphony playing under the 
>3.) I would never want to bother speaking to someone outside the car. 
>The only
>one I would be interested in conversing with is the lovely (hopefully) 
>(even more hopefully) sittting next to me.

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