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Subject: Tubular!
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 10:00:20 -0700 (PDT) (10:00 am 17:00 UT)
Well, here's one more thing we need to know, 'cause we're 'Special'
(Said in Mr. Rogers' tone of voice)

Two or three months ago, I had  to get new tires for Tintin.  The old
ones were getting bald, and two went flat within two weeks of each
other (No, I didn't get the first one fixed in time!)
Anyway, I went down and got some Pirelli P400's (175/70/14?).  Within
a week, one of my tires went flat, with no signs of puncture.  We assumed
that the duct-tape strapping they used didn't work and one of the spokes
worked their way through.  Repeat five times.  Twice on each front tire,
and once one the right rear.  I even made rubber straps out of old
bicycle tires (Take a 1.75" tire, cut it 28" long, cut it open, glue the
ends with a 1" overlap).
They finally got sick enough of seeing me (it was mutual) that they
actually tried to find the cause of all of this.  It wasn't the spokes!
The Pirelli tires have a small raised label INSIDE the tire.  It was
abrading the inner tube and puncturing it.
They dismounted all my tires and removed the labels. Hopefully, end of story.
So when you buy new tires:LOOK, or have them check, for ANY potential
internal abrasion points.  Apparently, there's a lot more movement in
there than I thought!

*Philippe Tusler - Mission Viejo, CA     | "MILOU"    '57 MGA Roadster *
*                                        | "TINTIN"   '66 MG/MGB-GT    *
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