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Re: Tubular!

Subject: Re: Tubular!
From: Chuck Schaefer <>
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 19:04:52 -0500

I had the same problem with my MGA some 7 or 8 years ago. No problem
since. I have mentioned to others buying new tires to make sure that the
tires had the mylar labels removed. Most everyone thought I was crazy!
Maybe I am, but I now feel vindicated.

They really should have noted this earlier as the hole in the tube is in
a totally different location than one from a spoke puncture.


> Well, here's one more thing we need to know, 'cause we're 'Special'
> (Said in Mr. Rogers' tone of voice)
> Two or three months ago, I had  to get new tires for Tintin.  The old
> ones were getting bald, and two went flat within two weeks of each
> other (No, I didn't get the first one fixed in time!)
> Anyway, I went down and got some Pirelli P400's (175/70/14?).  Within
> a week, one of my tires went flat, with no signs of puncture.  We assumed
> that the duct-tape strapping they used didn't work and one of the spokes
> worked their way through.  Repeat five times.  Twice on each front tire,
> and once one the right rear.  I even made rubber straps out of old
> bicycle tires (Take a 1.75" tire, cut it 28" long, cut it open, glue the
> ends with a 1" overlap).
> They finally got sick enough of seeing me (it was mutual) that they
> actually tried to find the cause of all of this.  It wasn't the spokes!
> The Pirelli tires have a small raised label INSIDE the tire.  It was
> abrading the inner tube and puncturing it.
> They dismounted all my tires and removed the labels. Hopefully, end of story.
> So when you buy new tires:LOOK, or have them check, for ANY potential
> internal abrasion points.  Apparently, there's a lot more movement in
> there than I thought!
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