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Re: Oil Coolers & Thermostats

Subject: Re: Oil Coolers & Thermostats
From: (Rick Morrison)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 18:48:54 EDT
On Fri, 10 Apr 1998 08:44:37 +0000 writes:
>I dont have one on the car right now, and it didnt seem to get real 
>hot.  I never took it on a long trip either.  The engine is a 1275 
>with crossflow radiator in a 62 Sprite body.  I'll be going on a trip 
>from Dallas to Nacogdoches and back once she rides again soon.
>Would there be an advantage for me to install an oil cooler?


>  Would that long distance trip get the engine pretty darn hot, hot
enough to 
>need an oil cooler? 

Not so much a matter of the coolant temp getting too high, but rather the
oil temp. Though the addition of an oil cooler will help to lower the
coolant temp (less heat for the cooling system to have to contend with)

> Or will the oil cooler end up being a really 
>neat looking gadget on the car? (Do they come in cool looking 

No colors (unless you are into hammerite grey), Nor are they neat
looking, as it's not readily visible from a cursory glance being hidden
behind the grill.

>If so, whats the best oil cooler to get and where is the optimal 
>location for the unit?

The OEM type 13 row units sold by VB, Moss, Special Interest, etc. will
do quite nicely. 
 On my Midget, the cooler is mounted forward of the radiator (about
midway to the grill) in the cavity of the splash pan. On the side of this
cavity, you'll see two holes each side where the original (optional)
cooler was mounted. The brackets are Hard to FInd, but easy to fabricate.

>Also, whats the best thermostat temp opening temperature (Lack of 
>better way to say it...) unit to have in the engine block?

Given the summer temps in you part of the country, I'd advise a 160
degree thermostat. I run them in both my MG's in the summer months,  and
go back to 195 in the winter. But out average temp here in SC is a bit
lower that the Dallas area.

Rick Morrison
74 Midget

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