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Re: Oil Coolers & Thermostats

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Subject: Re: Oil Coolers & Thermostats
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Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:54:07 +1000
Installing an oil cooler will increase your oils 'life' by preventing
that happens when it gets too hot.

More importantly, when you motor get very hot, the oil pressure drops so
using the oil cooler will result in perhaps 10psi better in such conditions.

I saw nearly 15psi difference when I had to remove the oil cooler at
a race meeting on a warm day.


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I dont have one on the car right now, and it didnt seem to get real
hot.  I never took it on a long trip either.  The engine is a 1275
with crossflow radiator in a 62 Sprite body.  I'll be going on a trip
from Dallas to Nacogdoches and back once she rides again soon.

Would there be an advantage for me to install an oil cooler?  Would
that long distance trip get the engine pretty darn hot, hot enough to
need an oil cooler?  Or will the oil cooler end up being a really
neat looking gadget on the car? (Do they come in cool looking

If so, whats the best oil cooler to get and where is the optimal
location for the unit?

Also, whats the best thermostat temp opening temperature (Lack of
better way to say it...) unit to have in the engine block?



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> Charles & Peggy Robinson wrote:
> > Patrick,
> >
> >   Pressure sounds OK to me.  You could run 20W-50 if you want more.  You
> > can change the rod bearings in the car.  I wouldn't worry about the oil
> > pump.  Does your car have an oil cooler?  A worthy addition if not.
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> I am running 20w50, but not an oil cooler, this little trip indicated that
> should probably do that sooner instead of later...
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