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Re: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!

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Subject: Re: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 18:07:50 -0500
I just bought a '73 (chrome bumper) in January for $2500. I'm not too far
from you (ONLY 600 miles or so).
Yes, it needed the brakes redone, the head will need a rebuild soon and the
exhaust pipe is going to be replaced completely this month, but otherwise
it's a good example and very driveable now that the safety stuff is fixed.
If you like the Rubber bumpers, they're a lot more common and yes, cheaper.
But the added emissions stuff makes engine work more complicated. If you
don't have a good tool kit, hint to the fam for you're B-day, you'll need
I'm in Kentucky, and Ohio has LOTS of Bs for sale, so look around, if you
can cruise down to Dayton and Columbus for a weekend, their seem to be a lot
in those areas. Medina, OH (near you?) is a mecca for LBCs for some reason.
I think there's a British Car Club up there too...another great source.
I'll send you an article I've written, not yet on a website :( (dammit, Kai,
hehe). It should answer the other questions, if any.
Reply privately and I can hopefully save you from relearning what I've
already experienced!
Ft. Knox, KY

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From: Brian Furgalus <>
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Date: Saturday, April 11, 1998 4:28 PM
Subject: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!

>I'm a 15 (soon to be 16) year old in Cleveland Ohio that is about to buy
>a B.  I've done my research, but would really appreciate any advice.  I
>bought Lindsay Porter's book yesterday.  Excellent buyers guide.
>Anything else I should look out for?  I'm also having problems deciding
>between the later rubber-bumper models (1977-1980) and the mid-aged
>(1972-1974.5 chrome).  I know the chrome looks nicer, but which is more
>appropriate for everyday use?  The thing attracting me to the later ones
>is mainly the cost.  I have about $3500 set aside for the car, and more
>for initial repairs.  Is that reasonable for a chrome in my area?
>Cheers (as they say in Ye Olde England),
>Brian Furgalus

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