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Re: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!

To: Susan and John Roper <>
Subject: Re: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 02:23:40 -0400
Susan and John Roper wrote:
> Brian, buy the chrome bumper car and learn to do the repairs yourself.
> That's where the fun is.  Oh, rubber bumper cars are no more reliable,

  Well, they often are simply because they are quite a few years

  For consumables like brakes and such, it doesn't matter, they are
long replaced. However, things like engines, transmissions, and
even seat diaphragms can often be had in much newer shape on rubber
cars than on much older cars.

  I think you have to have grey hair and failing eyesight to acquire
this strange prejudice to chrome. The rubber cars are simply beautiful.

  (for what it's worth, two of my three MGs are chromies, but not
my favourite one)

Trevor Boicey, Ottawa, Canada.,
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