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Re: Another Newcomer

To: Eric Erickson <>
Subject: Re: Another Newcomer
From: Daniel Pruett <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 11:52:12 -0800
A little advice, don't be like me when I first got my MG at the ripe age of
16 years and neglect the thing and then take 4 years before you found out
that if your MG got the slightest dent, ran one degree hotter than it
should, and just looked overall like an unhappy little car that you'd
rather lose an arm than spend the money to make her happy again.  Then
you'll end up like me; scraping up cash to make her happy again.  Welcome
to the Little British Curse, err, Car club.  ;-)

Daniel Pruett
1977 MGB

Eric Erickson wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I've been lurking long enough now to realise that you are basically a
> friendly lot so I guess I will introduce myself and take the plunge.  I
> haven't spotted a lot of other Australians on the list but I assume that
> there will be a few here somewhere.
> I am in Adelaide, South Australia (great country touring close to the
> city) and then I go and buy a soft-top right at the start of Winter
> here!
> Subscribing to this list seemed to be a natural thing to do after I
> bought my 1968 (Primrose) MkII MG on impulse (I should have subscribed 6
> months BEFORE buying it)!  This means I didn't know what to look for
> or what I was buying, so the learning curve begins... NOW!  Let's hope
> it is a pleasant experience.
> My first question is for some hints as to the "essential" reference
> books/manuals I should buy to start maintaining my new toy.  Secondly,
> reading about some of the engine/parts replacements and mods that you
> guys are undertaking, how religiously need I undertake maintaining the
> "originality" of the car - is it all or nothing (sorry if the need to
> know this offends anybody :-)?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eric

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher
regard those that think alike than those who think differently."

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