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Subject: Re: Another Newcomer
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 14:47:54 -0700 (PDT) (21:47 UT)
Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!
I certainly can't add anything to the recommendations, except that if you
have lots of spare time, try to find a Haynes manual that was actually
published close to the period of your car.  I cherish my old, beat-up,
falling-apart Haynes manual because it is not diluted and confused with
information from later model years.  It's already got four different
electrical diagrams!
I keep my cars a original as possible simply because I have faith in
the original design.  These cars evolved over a long period of time,
and I think that I can minimize my headaches and maximize my pleasure
by keeping as close as possible to the original design.  The fact that
the value of the car to a collector is enhanced is just icing on the cake.
Besides, I love the retro-technology.  One of my favorite parts of Milou
is the timed turn-indicator switch that works by moving a spring-loaded
piston with an oiled leather seal inside a cylinder that has a screw to
adjust how much air to let out, and thus the speed at which the piston
returns to the off position.

Welcome to the fold.  Your instincts led you true!

*Philippe Tusler - Mission Viejo, CA     | "MILOU"    '57 MGA Roadster *
*                                        | "TINTIN"   '66 MG/MGB-GT    *
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