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Re: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!

To: Rick Morrison <>
Subject: Re: Advice for newcomer to the MGB?!
From: John Steczkowski <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 13:13:51 -0500

Rick Morrison wrote:

> >On a sidenote, I am thinking of selling my pristine '65 as well as the
> >'70. I am beginning to wonder if MGs are everything I'm after.  I like
> >power and handling.  I am thinking of buying a Porsche.  Can anyone talk
> me out
> >of  this.  I like most of the MG drivers out there, and I shudder to
> think
> >of the assholes who drive Porsches. But I like power and handling and a
> B
> >just don't cut it in those categories.

As the owner of both a Porsche and an MGB, I feel qualified to speak on this
item...There isn't a comparison between the cars...My MGB handles country
road sweepers as good as my Porsche but doesn't have anywhere near the
acceleration, but the MGB is much more "fun" to drive. On the other hand,
when I head to the track or autocross course, I head there in the Porsche.
The Porsche simply has higher limits.

> >
> >Jay
> Jay,
>  If you have decided that for some reason the B doesn't have the power
> and handling, no one can talk you out of buying the Kraut Kar.
>  Just remember, though, that to get an 1800 cc P-wagen that will out
> handle and out run a bog stock B, you'll spend more money, in less time
> than you'll ever do on the B.

MMMM...not completely true. I have just slightly more in my p-car ($6k) than
my M-car ($5k).

>  Don't go to the local auto-x either, cause you might see some guy in a
> slightly modified B cutting significantly better time than the Por***.
>  You want Power, then drop in the Rover V-8.

You have to keep race classes in mind, the Porsches (various models) are
probably more competitive in  their respective classes than the MGBs are. Put
the V8 in the MGB and you're in E-mod and you'll be toast against the all out
race cars...


>  Finally, I doubt very seriously that  the Por*&^ list is half the fun
> this one is!

that is very true, I've been very disappointed with the Porsche lists...I get
much better answers from the MGB list.

> Rick Morrison
> 72 MGBGT
> 74 Midget

John Steczkowski
Director, Business Systems Solutions, Central & West
PSW Technologies, Inc.

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