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RE: Gulp valve

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Subject: RE: Gulp valve
From: John Bartholomew <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 16:07:38 -0700

>Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:39:28 -0400 (EDT)

>From: RAY WYGONIK <<>

>Subject: Gulp valve


>On my 74B, 72 18V engine, the gulp valve has a large hose running from the

>carbon cannister, a hose to the bottom of the car and a small, approx 3/16"

>male end that is not connected up.  Is this a vacum connection?


>Also I do not have a crankcase breather tube.  I just installed a Weber DGV

>and there is a fitting under the air cleaner that I understood connected up to

>the crankcase breather.  I have not had the car running since I have had it,

>but very close.  do I need a crankcase breather?  All openings are sealed off,

>apparently the engine ran this way.



    The Gulp valve is not connected to the carbon canister, or at least it 
should not be.  The gulp valve has an input, an output and a vacuum connection. 
 It can only be mounted such that the vacuum connection points away from the 
valve cover.

Then the input connects to a hose that has a restrictor inside it, this 
connects to the air pump. The other side of the gulp valve connects to the 
inlet manifold.

I think you must be talking about something else, perhaps the ANTI-RUN ON 
valve, located just below and ahead of the carbon canister? Is your car non 

If you are referencing the ANTI RUN ON VALVE, this is connected as follows:-

It has a vent hose that goes down below the car and is open to the air. It has 
a hose that connects to the carbon canister and a small hose that connects to 
the manifold vacuum. Hope this helps.


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