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Re: I Don't Trust Static Timing Anymore

To: Trevor Boicey <>
Subject: Re: I Don't Trust Static Timing Anymore
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 21:58:37 -0700
Trevor Boicey wrote:
> Rick Morrison wrote:
> > Static timing is not some magic number that is "correct" for the B.  As
> > Bob correctly surmised, static timing is a starting point. nothing more.
>   That's a pretty strong overgeneralization.

>   If you set your static timing to what the manufacturer suggests,
> and the dynamic timing is way off, something is "different". Different
> does not mean wrong, you may be better off this way, but something
> is not the way the car was when it left the factory.
> --
> Trevor Boicey, Ottawa, Canada.

  Can't agree, Trevor;  

  One has to remember that the manuals don't cover all permutations of
the cars.  The assy line is quicker than the pen! ;^)  Not to mention
that the manuals are sometimes just plain wrong.  Shux, just take a look
at all the advance mechanism springs that used to be available.  

  Charley Robinson
  Kerrville, TX, USA
  NAMGBR  8-3530
  `69 B Roadster

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