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Re: Fuel System - 1980 MGB LE

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Subject: Re: Fuel System - 1980 MGB LE
From: Tyson Sherman <>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 07:51:36 -0500 wrote:

> Haynes (Chapt 3 Section 29) describes how to fill the dashpot with oil.
> Para 2 talks about the air temperature control.  What is this device?

The air temperature control valve is between the front of the air cleaner 
element and
the exhaust manifold.  Can't really describe how it looks, but it's the little 
at the end of the metal tubing right before the air cleaner.  (the air cleaner 
can has a
protrusion at the front). This valve allows hot air from the manifold to be 

>  Why
> do we have to remove it and the air cleaner to put oil in the dashpot?  Is
> it just not a simple procedure of unscrewing the cap and pouring in the
> oil?  Curious minds need to know.

Well, the reservoir for the damper oil is about an inch or so down into the 
dashpot, and
just pouring oil in there will spill a lot of it, and all of it won't go into 
intended spot.

> My second question concerns a piece if gear that I can not identify.  Just
> aft of the servo attached to the inboard side of the pedal box is small
> device which is about 1.25" by 1.25".  It has one black and one yellow
> wire attached to the bottom of it.  On top is a vaccuum tube which runs to
> the gulp aft.  On the front side of this device is a another tube that has
> a right ange in it and terminates who knows where - it is disconnected. So
> my questions are: 1) what is this device and 2) where is the tube supposed
> to terminate?

Don't recall anything like that on my 76; a lot of vacuum stuff was changed / 

Tyson Sherman

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