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RE: Static timing accuracy

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Subject: RE: Static timing accuracy
From: (KILE, PAUL D)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:02:36 -0700
Bill Eastman makes some good points here, and setting the timing the way
he describes works very well (especially with modified vehicles).  One
problem, though, for those of us who live in places like California with
draconian emissions laws.

If you try to set the timing as Bill describes on your 1974 or later MG,
and you take it in for your dreaded Smog Test, chances are you will
FAIL, and may be branded a GROSS POLLUTER!  The state can make your life
miserable after that.  It doesn't matter that your emissions may be
within spec at the altered timing setting, if the technician sees that
your timing varies from the setting dictated by the factory, you will

So don't get rid of that strobe timing light just yet.  Use the Eastman
method for daily driving, then every two years, haul out the timing
light and use it right before your smog test appointment.

Cheers from the Land of Fruits and Nuts, 
Paul Kile

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