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Re: Importing MGF to the U.S.

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Subject: Re: Importing MGF to the U.S.
From: Phil Raby <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:20:05 +0100
On 15/4/98 11:26 pm said

>As promised, I went to the local Rover/MG dealership a few days ago to ask
>what needs to be changed on a MGF to get it into the U.S.  Unfortunately,
>they didn't know.  The saleswoman tried to find out for me but couldn't.  I
>am persuing other routes to find out.  BTW, the list price for a new MGF
>1.8i is DM 41,500 - a MGF 1.8i VVC is DM 46,500 (including the 16% value
>added tax, which I think would not have to be paid if the car was shipped to
>the U.S.).  I'll post another message when, and if, I find anymore

I've heard that it simply can't be done. Dunno why though.


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