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RE: Importing MGF to the U.S.

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Subject: RE: Importing MGF to the U.S.
From: Alan Pfau <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 23:28:07 -0500

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Subject:        Re: Importing MGF to the U.S.

On 15/4/98 11:26 pm said

>As promised, I went to the local Rover/MG dealership a few days ago to ask
>what needs to be changed on a MGF to get it into the U.S.  Unfortunately,
>they didn't know.  The saleswoman tried to find out for me but couldn't. 
>am persuing other routes to find out.  BTW, the list price for a new MGF
>1.8i is DM 41,500 - a MGF 1.8i VVC is DM 46,500 (including the 16% value
>added tax, which I think would not have to be paid if the car was shipped 
>the U.S.).  I'll post another message when, and if, I find anymore

I've heard that it simply can't be done. Dunno why though.


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        Hi All,
                I suppose anything can be done given enough research and deep 
pockets (I would expect it would take very deep pockets to get a MGF in!). 
After importing my B-GT-V8 the best advice I can offer is do your homework 
very well before buying the car. A dealer would probably not be too helpful 
in determining what would need to be done to get a car up to standards. 
You'll probably have to go direct to the factory to get that info, and it 
may not be available to them. I got the info I needed directly from 
Jag-Rov-Tri. They had a list of non-conformities for each MG model, you'd 
have to find out if something like that exists for the MGF.
        The big advantage I had, and disadvantage you have, is that I was 
the once-in-a-lifetime EPA exemption from smog control. I only had to bring 
it up to DOT safety standards which is much easier then the emmision 
standards. (I had a friend inport a Morgan by first converting it to 
propane! I think his advantage was he paid a facility one fee up front to 
get it into compliance, and then it was up to them to get the job done. I 
mention this because they ran into more problems than they originally had 
thought but couldn't, by contract, increase their fee to an outrageous 
amount. You have a time frame to work in and get the job done or the gov't 
will impound the car. They protect themselves by having you post a rather 
substantial surity bond before you can receive the car. They really don't 
fool around with this stuff and the stories you hear of cars being taken 
away and much money lost are not all rumor.

Let us know of your progress!!

Best regards,
A. Pfau

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