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Re: poor condition 70 MGB-GT value?

Subject: Re: poor condition 70 MGB-GT value?
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 18:27:06 EDT
On Thu, 16 Apr 1998 09:22:12 -0500 Daniel Bochar
<> writes:
>Hello all, I have a 70 MGB-GT that I was planning to use for parts, 
>but I never had the chance.  I have to get rid of it due to relocation
>was wondering if it is worth anything.  The car is rusty, and hasn't
>driven in 8 years.  It did run but needs work to get going again.  The 
>car also has wire wheels.  If I try to sell it, what would it be worth,
>do you recommend striping it and sending it to the dump?  What parts 
>would be worth keeping?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Hard to say what values are in Indiana but "parts cars" here in the North
east range between say $200 ant 1000 depending on how salvageable the
various bits and pieces are, whether the car is a runner and of course -
the degree to which the tin worm has devoured it - this is the real test
of its value - if it were running, would the bodywork pass local safety
inspection with little or no work? - if the answer is yes then for Gods
sake save it - if No then strip it and dump the husk!
Im sure there is a market for it as a whole  - check with your local club
 - also check whatever "penny saver/Bargain news" type publications you
can get your hands on - there may be some comparisons
all the usual odds and sods are worth saving, carbs/alternator/starter
motor etc and dont forget that wire wheel hubs are pretty pricy!
Being a 70 it will have a split rear bumper - pound to a pinch of sh*t
the chrome is shot but if they are straight they are worth saving and
rechroming(well - to someone with a 70 they are!), straight split rears
are rare!

Is it overdrive? - even non working o/ds can fetch 250-300

GTs have one "gold plated" area that is ALWAYS worth saving - the trim
around the windscreen and hatch - just look at the Moss prices - you'll
see what i mean 
(actually - note for Ben Ruset here too!!!!!!)

Oh law! - the possibility of two GTs going to the knackers yard in one
week - its breaking my heart!!

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
72 roadster

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