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Re: Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!
From: MGMagnette <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 00:08:31 EDT
About the MG Ale, as soon as I get a price I will post it and see if the
interest wanes!  He did think it was going to be nearly $10 a 6-pack and I
wouldn't be surprised if it cost $5 to mail it.  That really is only like
$2.50 a bottle which about jives with restaurant prices for a Budweiser.
Right now it seems as though there is tremendous interest, and I will have the
grocery manager order according to how many e-mail responses I get, so keep
sending them.  When I get the price, I will find out how much it would cost to
mail (there is a post office in the grocery store so mailing isn't really a
problem) and post total cost and where you can send your money.  Just so that
people know this isn't an internet scam I ask that those of you who know me or
have dealt with me or bought something off me before post something to
demonstrate that I'm for real.
Someone might say, could say, or has said:
  Enjoy your MG, enjoy your MG Ale, but don't enjoy them together.  


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