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Re: Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!

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Subject: Re: Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!
From: "chris nevard" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 12:58:31 +0100

This price for the OSH beer is very good - we pay 1.69 a bottle here in the
UK ($2.50), you are paying the same as we do in the UK.

look at <> to find out more about the

Regards - tis been a long time since a good beer thread - sanity at last;-)

Chris Nevard

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Date: 20 April 1998 12:14
Subject: RE: Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!

>Oh.  Be careful.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) does not allow
>mailing of alcoholic beverages, as far as I know.  I have mailed alcoholic
>beverages between European countries (especially E.U. countries), but
>everytime I (or friends) have tried the USPS, it was confiscated.  One time
>they wanted me to fly from Germany to New Jersey to pick up a bottle of
>liquor. Don't know what will happen if anyone else tries, just telling my
>John S. van Syckel
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>MG Car Club Deutschland, e.V.
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>> About the MG Ale, as soon as I get a price I will post it and see if the
>> interest wanes!  He did think it was going to be nearly $10 a 6-pack and
>> wouldn't be surprised if it cost $5 to mail it.  That really is only like
>> $2.50 a bottle which about jives with restaurant prices for a Budweiser.
>> Right now it seems as though there is tremendous interest, and I will
>> the Grocery manager order according to how many e-mail responses I get,
>> keep sending them.  When I get the price, I will find out how much it
>> would cost to mail (there is a post office in the grocery store so
>> isn't really a problem) and post total cost and where you can send your
>> money.  Just so that people know this isn't an internet scam I ask that
>> those of you who know me or have dealt with me or bought something off me
>> before post something to demonstrate that I'm for real.  Someone might
>> say, could say, or has said:  Enjoy your MG, enjoy your MG Ale, but don't
>> enjoy them together.
>>   John

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