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Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Get Your Old Speckled Hen... IN AMERICA!!!
From: MGMagnette <>
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 22:32:22 EDT
I was a trade show in Manchester NH for the NH Grocers Association, and over
to the side were case upon case of Old Speckled Hen!  Yes, thats right, MG
Ale!  I have no idea if it is an actual product for sale, or if these were
just here as a potential product that a supermarket might want to pick up but
is not availible...  But, the bottles had full U.S. required markings.  The
grocery manager at the supermarket where I work says that if he can get it, he
will be more than happy to order it.  He just wants to know how much I want
because he won't devote any cooler space to another slow-selling over-priced
imported ale.  He guess-timates the price to be nearly $10 a six pack, but the
price could come in lower.  If Old Speckled Hen is not availible in your local
grocery store, and you want a six-pack for drinking (and other for saving I'm
sure) send me an e-mail.  I will be more than happy to mail a six pack or two
to whomever wants it, at cost + postage.  The story on the back about the
speckled 1927 MG is pretty interested, and the ale is brewed in ABINGDON not
far from where MGs were produced!  

   John   (I will make nearly ZERO on selling this, and any accidental profit
will be given to our local British car club)

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