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RE: Rostyle Restoration (sorta long)

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Subject: RE: Rostyle Restoration (sorta long)
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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:25:57 -0400
Sounds like you spent about $20.00 in materials some of which will be left
over for another wheel or two!  Good show!!

Safety Fast!!

Ross Overcash, 74B, NAMGBR 2-1172, Ayer, MA

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> Subject: Rostyle Restoration (sorta long)
> Just wanted to pass along my Rostyle resto process and results to
> the list,
> (tooting my horn, since it looks great) The subject's been covered so much
> and I've heard folks spending a ton of money on this when its
> really easy to
> do, and NO Moss mask!
> 1) I found an old Rostyle at a junkyard (spare still in the trunk) - $25,
> had the tire removed for free.
> 2) Took the wheel to a sandblasting company - $10. It looked so
> good then I
> thought about clear-coating it! One might try to bribe a local high school
> shop teacher for 1/2 hour use of the sandblaster to save $ - a
> monkey could
> do it in a cabinet!
> 3) One can of Krylon gray primer, ($2.70), sprayed all over.
> 4) One 6 oz. can of "plasti-kote" GM 7184 dark silver ($3),
> again, all over,
> 3 coats, let sit 24 hours. The 6 oz. can is probably enough for 2 wheels.
> 5) one can of Wal-mart Satin Black (~$1.70) and a roll of 3M automotive
> masking tape (the good stuff! $2.60) This tape was true as
> advertised, very
> clean lines.
> 6) Sat down and watched Meet the Press (Sunday morning comedy) and masked
> off the wheel, using a mini-utility knife (xacto type would work) to trim
> along the proper contours where the black should be.
> 7) sprayed the black, two coats, and voila!
> 8) BE CAREFUL ABOUT pulling the tape off (duh)...I screwed up and lifted a
> small piece of silver paint during the "unveiling". "Baking" with a hair
> dryer or heat gun came to mind, for the perfectionists.
> The wheel looks like new!, and the color looks "right" its not too bright
> and shiny - has a nice grayish subtle tone, I guess the jury will
> be out on
> the color, its slightly darker than the wheels on the car, but who knows
> what color was used for them. The Wal-mart black is perfect, though any
> satin black would do. Yes, 50 bucks, but I've got left over paint and
> expensive masking tape to do other stuff.
> Dan
> '73 B

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