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Subject: Re: Re: Zero Idle
From: Wetmgs <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 14:39:31 EDT
     Sincere thanks to all who responded. I am seriously computer challenged
or would thank each individual personally. [didn't save names] What has
happened           is, I removed the float pans onto a clean white rag, dumped
gas onto rag and found no dirt. Removed floats and float needles, floats were
empty of gas and I could see no foreign material. I also removed the metering
needle assemblies, found no blockage or dirt. Started to reassemble and
realized i've done this before and maybe I should have taken the carbs off the
manifold first! With a bright light shinning on a mirror below I could see
well enough and eventually got my hands to move in the desired direction. I
found nothing but clean. By the way, the car has a clean fuel tank, two new
fuel filters and a new fuel pump. When I started the engine after this
procedure it did run rough as if one or two plugs were fouled. After a few
seconds of this and back fire out the carbs, I remembered to pull the choke
knob and wa-da-ya-no it runs great again. Turned idle down and did some
errands around town and once again the problem is solved but I don't know why.
Another thought, I haven't done any constant 75-80 mph yet so maybe it will
crop up again. I do a lot of 150 to 600 and 800 mile trips. I either drive the
74B the 66BGT or the 53 Magnette [with pinto 2300] and have always gotten
where I wanted to be, although sometimes at a limp. The 2300's electric
ignition did fail 75 miles from home, in a friends driveway though. Being a
Ford product every parts store has them on hand and 26 dollars, with no
shopping around, saved the day.                 

Marc Derenzy

Mini-Mag light and mirror-on-a-stick in the travel tool kit

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