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Re: Re: Zero Idle

To: Wetmgs <>
Subject: Re: Re: Zero Idle
From: Marten Dubourcq <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:29:10 -0400 (EDT)
I just wanted to mention that i had a similar problem with my 73B that 
has Hif4 carbs on it.  Just like you said that after you replaced tehm, 
the problem went away.teWell when I bought the car the PO would just 
drive around with the choke pulled in order to keep it running.  The 
first thing I did was to tear the carbs down, blow them clean, reinstall 
them and adjust the mixture and the car an fine.  Since then the problem 
has arisen twice.  I then came across a publication (can't think of where 
or what) that stated that the HIF4 carbs needle value's have a tendancy 
to not seat properly.  IMHO this may be the problem.  Moss sells a 
replace fro these which employ a ball instead of the needle for better 
sealing.  In the future I plan to replace them with the new seat.

Marten  73B

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