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Re: Carpet Die

Subject: Re: Carpet Die
From: (Rick Morrison)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:20:55 EDT
Must be a GT phenomenom. Mine was the same way.
 I used a carpet color spray, which I got at the local Autozone. Comes in
an aerosol can just like paint, and is applied likewise.
 It worked well, so far a color was concerned, but I was unable to use
the car for the entire day, the odor being that strong. The next day
wasn't a piece of cake either, but bearable.
 The down side is the color is not permenant, or even semi- permenant. It
began to fade back after 3-4 months. 

Rick Morrison
74 Midget
On Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:22:00 -0700 "BIDGOOD, ALAN"
<> writes:
>Hi all again,
>Just a quick one - has anybody tried using a die on their carpet?
>I have just got this '73BGT, and it will need a lot of the carpet
>replacing, however there are some areas, where the black carpet
>has just faided to almost white.  I thought perhaps a die would do
>the trick?
>Any tips?, where to get it? etc.
>                      Thanks,            Alan B.'  

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