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Re: Exhaust Systems

Subject: Re: Exhaust Systems
From: (Rick Morrison)
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:20:55 EDT
On Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:59:07 -0400 "Unger, Larry G"
>I've been working on a 'cold air box' to reduce the impact of the
>'A's engine bay temps ... like any engine, as the inlet temp
>increases the power fades rapidly.  The 'A' is fitted with a cold
>air hose, but it stops at the radiator support ... current thought
>is fit a K&N filter to the end of the existing hose and extended
>the hose from the radiator support to a sealed box (with K&N stub
>stacks) fitted to the carbs ... very similar to the 'cold air box'
>that is fitted to the A.H. 100S.  I trying to come up with a box
>that will accept the existing 4" hose, fit into the limited space
>in the 'A' engine bay, and that I can easily fabricate ... its the
>later that is giving me the most trouble ... ;^)
>Fitting a sealed air box with a good internal capacity and a cold
>air pipe that protrudes into the box will create a similar 'ram'
>condition.  Since the air pipe protrudes into the air box it
>creates a step that allows the pressure pulses to travel inwards,
>but deters them from being able to reflect back out.  This helps
>the incoming air as there aren't any negative waves resisting
>incoming flow, and adds a pressurizing effect.  The 'ram'
>condition is created simply by air moving through the pipe into
>the box (drawn in by the induction process) ... not because intake
>for the cold air pipe be exposed to air flow (pushed in by the
>movement of the car) ... so its predictable and tuning the SUs
>won't be a problem.
>I'm also serioulsy considering having the cast-iron exhaust
>manifold JET-HOT coated.
>Check out ...
>> Safety Fast! ...
>> '61 MGA 1600 MkII

Well thought out system Larry!
Gives me a couple of ideas.  Heh, heh

Rick Morrison
74 Midget

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