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Fuel delivery problem-'79 roadster

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Fuel delivery problem-'79 roadster
From: James McPhee <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 22:02:04 -0600
This is my first message to the list, although I have been on in the
background for several months.  I'm hoping someone can help me narrow
down my troubleshooting options on this problem.

Very stock'79 with approx. 80k miles.  I have owned the car for about
three months and have put about 3k miles on it in that time without so
much as a cough or hiccup.  I drive 30 miles each way to work, combined
interstate and city driving.  Only thing I have noticed is that if I run
it up though the gears, particularly up a certain uphill stretch, it
seems that by the time I am topping out in third gear, it begins to be
starved for fuel.  Shift into fourth and all is well.

On my way home tuesday night, on the interstate at 65 mph(about 15 miles
into the 30 mile trip), car begins to die as if it is running out of
fuel. Have half a tank.  Pull over to the side and keep the engine
running by "playing" with the throttle.  Engine never actually
dies(unless you take your foot entirely off the throttle), but acts like
it's not getting enough fuel.  If I kept a light, steady foot on the
pedal, it would rev to about 2500 rpm, drop to almost 0, rev back to
2500, over and over again, never actually quitting.  When I shut the
engine off to check under the hood, and then restarted it about five
minutes later, it started and ran as if no problem.  Revved up and idled
just fine.  Started back up on the interstate, just got into fourth at
about 40mph, and same behavior all over again, as if the float bowl had
been filled enough to run well for a short while, but as if it was not
staying filled.  When you turn on the ignition, you can hear the fuel
pump ticking in its normal manner, filling the float bowl. To make a
long story short, I nursed it up the shoulder the rest of the way home. 
It now sits in the garage awaiting corrective action.

I replaced the fuel filter and air filter right after I bought the car,
and I have set valves, plugs, and timing, all at least 1k miles ago.
Stromberg has been untouched since I have owned the car. I have no idea
when it was last rebuilt.  There is a pressure regulator between the
filter and carb, set at 2.5.  I have not changed it since I got the
car.  Not sure which end to start with, carb, fuel pump, or even the
middle, the pressure regulator.  Sure appreciate any and all

Jim McPhee
Placitas, New Mexico

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