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Re: Fuel delivery problem-'79 roadster

To: Robert Allen <>
Subject: Re: Fuel delivery problem-'79 roadster
From: James McPhee <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 22:19:03 -0600
Robert Allen wrote:
> >Problem:
> >On my way home tuesday night, on the interstate at 65 mph(about 15 miles
> >into the 30 mile trip), car begins to die as if it is running out of
> >fuel. Have half a tank.
> Pull off the top of the carb and check the rubber diaphram in the carb. They
> get old and split and cause the problem you describe. Look carefully for
> little stress cracks and such.
> Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69CGT, '75TR6

Bob, thank you and others for the ideas.  Checked the diaphram tonight
and it has no splits or cracks.  Trevor had suggested checking the gas
cap at the time of the problem.  I had done that and there was no vacuum
in the fuel tank.  Tried driving the car tonight, half believing it was
vapor lock that had caused the original problem.  It is now parked in my
downhill neighbor's driveway. Won't run enough to get it home.

 Plan to go to the Taos Garage, the MG garage in Albuquerque, in the
am.  Will discuss problem with them and probably get Zenith/Stromberg
rebuild kit and possibly fuel pump points if they have them.  Will keep
you posted.

Jim McPhee
Placitas, New Mexico
'79 RBB

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