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To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Britfest
From: Philip Hubbard <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 19:41:20 -0400
>Geez Phil I looked all over for a Maroon Midget but couldnt find it.
>Hope you didnt have problems on your way to the show. :(
>BRITFEST was a fantastic show this year as usual - except for the
>crowding!  The weather was perfect - sunny and not too chilly.
>The day started off here in western NJ where myself and 12 other members
>of the Keystone MG Club met for breakfast and I led the entourage of 11
>MGs and two trucks to Moss Motors in North central NJ.  Only one member
>of the entourage took home a prize - Congratulations to Ed Hass and his
>74 Black MGBGT.
>Lots of vendors this year with a variety of used parts for sale.  Found
>the 1000 Speedo I need to complete my OD installation for $15.00!
>Moss of course was offering their 15% off special to all attendees. So
>took advantage of that but didnt go overboard...only spending $54.
>Didnt see - or didnt recognize too many of the list members except for
>Dave Deutsch.
>Overall was a perfect Saturday.

I made it to the event, Rick, but didn't show the car.  Arrived about
10:00-10:30.  Should have showed as I was parked so far away, no one could
find me if they tried.  :)  Now I see that showing is not just about
winning the prizes.  If you show, folks can meet easier and talk about
whatever stage of repair/restoration their cars are in.


What is the etiquette of cross-posting.  I have a longish write up of my
experiences at Britfest and the first trip in my new Midget that I posted
to the Spridgets list.  OTOH, it certainly is on-topic for MGs in general.

'74 Midget

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