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To: Philip Hubbard <>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: Britfest
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:22:02 -0400
At 07:41 PM 4/25/98 -0400, Philip Hubbard wrote:
>>Geez Phil I looked all over for a Maroon Midget but couldnt find it.
>>Hope you didnt have problems on your way to the show. :(
>>BRITFEST was a fantastic show this year as usual - except for the
>>crowding!  The weather was perfect - sunny and not too chilly.
>>Didnt see - or didnt recognize too many of the list members except for
>>Dave Deutsch.
>>Overall was a perfect Saturday.
>I made it to the event, Rick, but didn't show the car.  Arrived about
>10:00-10:30.  Should have showed as I was parked so far away, no one could
>find me if they tried.  :)  Now I see that showing is not just about
>winning the prizes.  If you show, folks can meet easier and talk about
>whatever stage of repair/restoration their cars are in.
>'74 Midget
Hi guys, didn't see you either. I drove the modern iron as I also wanted to
go to Paterson after to shop in the middle eastern section for food stuffs,
unique to Paterson in this area. Anyway, saw Dave Houser  (remember Dave
about my badge for Carlisle) and David Deutsch. Deutsch was carrying some
sort of sheet medal at least five feet long. 

I found a used 52 TD starter, to use as a spare on one of our long trips.
Also found what I think is a 30's AA Badge for the PA. I hope Peter Ross
can help me date it . Peter, also saw an old auto club badge that had the
letters JMA, or MJA or AMJ (they were on top of each other so I don't know
the order. Anyone know what they stand for?

On the way home after Paterson, saw a 73 red B on the side of the Garden
State Parkway about milepost 135 . It is a sacred duty to help an MG in
distress. I've been all over the country in my cars, and help always
arrives this way. Although I had the Pontiac, we stopped, and soon
determined that the fellow had a bad alternator, and had run the fairly new
battery down to the point that it could't run even the ignition. I let his
battery feed for a few minutes from mine via jumper cables, and he got
enough juice to get it three miles to the service area. Of course this
service area had nothing but gas, so we hooked up my battery charger which
just happened to be in the trunk of the Pontiac, and charged him up for
half an hour (lucky the Coke machine had a double plug).  He then made it
to my house, (another 30 miles) where we could confirm the alternator's
death. (gee a new one too) .

Since this guy was new to MGs, I hope I turned a bad experience around for
him. Don't we all carry battery charges and assorted equipment in our cars
to rescue MGs?  Anyhow, was a great day at Britfest. Hope many of you make
Carlisle in two weeks. 


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