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Speakers in a MGB

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Speakers in a MGB
From: David Tietz <>
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 21:28:09 -0400
Jason Sawyer wrote:

I don't have any speaker grills in my door panels, and I really don't
about originality<snip>

Jason, I have had very good results installing 6 1/2 round speakers in
the kick panels of both my MGBs.

I bought a Black & Decker VersaPak reciprocating saw (like $50) to cut
the holes (and use for lots of other stuff). I bought good quality 6 1/2
three-way speakers from Crutchfield and Sony radios. I put a double
layer of plastic sheet behind the speaker (to seal any water etc. from
the fender well) and trimmed it inside the car, around the grill ring.
Install it "baggy" or loose - don't install it tight (you may dampen the

Inside, the sound sounds like it is comming from the middle of the dash,
and outside, other drivers can enjoy my "golden oldies" tunes coming
from my front fenders. The 6 1/2 three-ways seem "bassy" enough, and
still do nice highs from the built-in tweeters.

The radio can handle rear speakers, but I haven't felt the need to
install any, I may in the side walls behind the seat someday...

Worked for me!

Dave Tietz

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