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highway running temp.

To: MG mailing list <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: highway running temp.
From: Tyson Sherman <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 18:32:51 -0500
My 76 B [with belt-driven fan] always runs warmer on the highway.  It
has a 195 t'stat in it right now, and around town, it runs just past the
"N", touching the top right corner of the N.  On the highway though, it
always rises a bit soon after I get up to about 65 mi/hr in OD, so it's
revving ~3000rpms and is definitely getting enough airflow..  There it
runs at maybe just over 5/8 of the guage width.  The lower hose has 1000
mi on it, thermostat has 3000 mi on it, water pump has 4000 mi on it.
As soon as I come to a stop after a highway run or slow down to 45 mi/hr
or so, it goes right back to touching the N.  Any hints, or is this just
normal?  Thanks,

Tyson Sherman

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