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RE: white smoke

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Subject: RE: white smoke
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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 98 21:34:17 UT

White smoke is never a good thing for the reason you point out (unless you are 
waiting to see who was elected pope!).  Perhaps you purchased gas with some 
H2O in it - that would definitely be bad.  Also, to rule out the head gasket 
leaking coolant into the oil, look at the dipstick and stick your nose in the 
oil fill hole - smell any coolant?- see any white stuff? - either condition 
may indicate water in the oil.  BTW, check the coolant for oil too (it's a 2 
way street)!!  Regarding the OD, my experience has been that when the tranny 
oil is running hot, the OD takes longer to engage because the oil is thinner.  
Your tranny oil running hot may be related to the engine woes if said woes are 
making the engine run hot.  Your OD could also be overdue for a rebuild and 
the warmer temperatures (whether engine or seasonal weather related) are just 
emphasizing this for you. 

Hope this helps.

Dr. Doug 

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Sometimes you wonder if things are going a bit too well...
Had an oil change on the GT - nothing spectacular, it doesnt use more
than drips out and it was a healthy brown stool - oops - wrong patient...
Trans and diff both checked out, clean and full - so off i went seriously
contemplating a cross country trek to Kansas City .(dont laugh - i really
Then a couple of oddities started to occur - Im getting puffs of white
smoke each time i change gear, mostly up but occasionally down too - it
lasted for a couple of miles then stopped - or at least i couldnt see it
What could cause this? - the engine hasnt done it before - and it seemed
to clear up - anything to do with the oil change? -my stomach fears i do have a light seepage from the head gasket - but thats been
there as long as ive had the car and doesnt appear to be serious or get
AND - an old problem came back - about a year ago i was having trouble
with a delay of several seconds for the O/D to disengage, I never did
work out what caused it and it went away on its own (there are painfully
few of those!) Anyway - today its back - not a consistent time delay but
between 8-10 seconds mostly, occasionally more - I can only guess that
its electrical in nature since the trans oil was clean and didnt even
need a top up - any thoughts?

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
72 roadster

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