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white smoke

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: white smoke
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:34:45 EDT
Sometimes you wonder if things are going a bit too well...
Had an oil change on the GT - nothing spectacular, it doesnt use more
than drips out and it was a healthy brown stool - oops - wrong patient...
Trans and diff both checked out, clean and full - so off i went seriously
contemplating a cross country trek to Kansas City .(dont laugh - i really
Then a couple of oddities started to occur - Im getting puffs of white
smoke each time i change gear, mostly up but occasionally down too - it
lasted for a couple of miles then stopped - or at least i couldnt see it
What could cause this? - the engine hasnt done it before - and it seemed
to clear up - anything to do with the oil change? -my stomach fears i do have a light seepage from the head gasket - but thats been
there as long as ive had the car and doesnt appear to be serious or get
AND - an old problem came back - about a year ago i was having trouble
with a delay of several seconds for the O/D to disengage, I never did
work out what caused it and it went away on its own (there are painfully
few of those!) Anyway - today its back - not a consistent time delay but
between 8-10 seconds mostly, occasionally more - I can only guess that
its electrical in nature since the trans oil was clean and didnt even
need a top up - any thoughts?

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
72 roadster

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