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Re: "Tatty" MGB thoughts, was Re: Monterey Brit Car meet -

To: Kelvin Dodd <>
Subject: Re: "Tatty" MGB thoughts, was Re: Monterey Brit Car meet -
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 19:22:47 -0400
Kelvin Dodd wrote:
> Dan makes an interesting point.
>         My favorite car event has been the Colorado Conclave.  The event
>  includes a Saturday drive in the mountains, then a laid back show on
> the Sunday.  All British cars and bikes are welcome, regardless of
> condition.  Some of the tatty, rusted cars have wonderful history which
> can never be uncovered if they stay in the parking lot.  Frankly I am
> bored with over restored cars.  Give me a vehicle that is thrashed and
> has scars from being driven hard.  Let the trailer queens stick to the
> concours events where their owners can debate about tire tread
> cleanliness.
>         To this end, I will again park my 65 "Cow sat upon" MGB with the
> pretty polished MGBs in the next car show I go to.  Six years ago it too
> was pretty and shiny.  Now after years of daily driving and two major
> accidents, she is no longer a viable restoration candidate.  But she
> still runs and drives, dammit.  And I still get that same feeling
> pushing her around curves in third gear with the exhaust wailing.  Until
> I build another pretty shiny car, she is my Bitish car and deserves
> better than to be relegated to the parking lot.
> Just some thoughts, from a LBC driver.
> Kelvin.
> Dan Ray wrote:
> > constraints. Plus, it separates the "tatty" cars from the ones whose owners
> > really spent some time and money! (that's a good thing, as long as they get
> > driven once in a while)
> > I was even ready to make placards stating date and price of purchase,
> > to-date repairs, etc... With a big show, one would have to set a limit (no
> > real bad rust buckets, unless significant welding completed).

I have to agree with ya Kelvin and Dan - Ive been driving my "OSHA"
Yellow 61 MGA 1600 for the past 5 years with paint peeling from the boot
Lid and I enter it in shows all the time.  Sure Id like to have it
painted and will one of these days - keep coming up with other cars that
need it worse though - this year I had to put a new engine and OD tranny
in the 74 BGT as it is my daily driver so that took the money that was
gonna be used to paint the A.

Keep driving and showing.  


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