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Off Topic: The Sunbeam that bit me

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Subject: Off Topic: The Sunbeam that bit me
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 18:49:17 -0500
MG Listers,
This is an adjunct to a thread a few months ago on "first LBCs" (that's
Little British Cars, for my fam)
These LBC stories abound in American autoculture, I'm sure.
This is a story from my brother, Doug, on the Sunbeam Alpine that carried
the infamous LUCAS virus (just a theory of mine) which infected me and not
him, and lay dormant until my 30th birthday. :) I was a little 6 or 7 year
old in Arlington, VA when he had this car! (He's the second youngest, and
we're 11 years apart.)
>     To
>     Subject; My little sunbeam
>        It has been a long time since I owned my first and last U.K.
>     auto.She was a `64  sunbeam alpine W/ hardtop that was removable . She
>     was red her top was black which I think was fiberglass.The tail lights
>     were in the rounded on top fins which slanted much like a 57 chevy.
>     The next model year the fins were straight up. I got the car from some
guy in the "landmark" area  off
>     columbia pike across from lake barcroft. I was supposed to pick up the
other one a blue ragtop parts car but never did.
I can almost smell  these cars. Have you ever stuck your head in a car that
had leaks and
>     mildew on leather ? Yes they had
>     leather seats. I dont remember if they had carpets.
>      I drove sunny very little . She was running poorly so I went to see
>     Sam Rogers . It was dusk and after a
>     while he saw  electricity jumping around the distributor cap.( lucas)
>     I replaced the cap and she purred.
>     Then  I drove it to school  and work  I think one day maybe more I
>     dont recall . Any way  the Hydrolic
>     clutch slave cylinder broke  and I drove It home and never drove it
>     again. I suppose that whatever  bit
>     you never got me, though it  lay dormant for many years maybe I should
>     be alert. A little while ago I
>     saw a sunbeam  pre 65 at the resto shop on val vista and  I
>     remembered.
>       With great ideas in my head I removed the engine and planned  to
>     install a 283  V-8. From there  the
>     project went no further and dad called junk car removers and car and
>     title went . I cant recall the exact
>     details so I won't carry on about the circumstances other than it was
>     taking up the car port space.
>       I will  ponder more an see what I can recall  about this one and
>     list  others I have  owned. Now I need
>     to  get motivation  and work  on  the cars I have now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>                                                          Love  y'all
>     doug               3/23/98

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