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Re: "tatty" cars

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Subject: Re: "tatty" cars
From: Ben Ruset <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:04:18 -0400
I don't really see what the point of the "tatty" argument is. For those who
care, here's my opinion on things.

First off, this is a hobby. The point of the hobby is to have fun. While all
the labor and sweat that we put into our cars may seem to be a pain sometimes,
the finished product always gives a sense of pride -- no matter how you
look at
it, no two MGs are alike anymore. Perhaps they were when they rolled out of
Abingdon, but now, years of use and "care" has made each car special.

There are two groups of people -- those who buy a car, restore it, show it,
never (or hardly) drive it. The second are the people who do some repairs to
the car, keep it drivable, and use the car for fun. Of course, there is a
considerable grey area in between, but these are the most basic
explanations of
the groups.

I don't think that it matters what way you go about it (it being "having fun")
so long as the end result is there. Concours MGs will be around forever,
but my
opinion tells me that all it is is a husk -- the car was designed for driving.
Of course, driving an MG and subjecting it to the rigors of road rage, pot
holes, flying stones, stupid H*nda owners, etc will depreciate the value of a
car, and yes - eventually the car will end up either restored as a concours
car, or resigned to a fate of langusihing in a junkyard.

I personally don't think much about the resale value of my car -- I decided on
an MG because I wanted a car that was different, I wanted a convertable, and I
wanted something that was fun. I think that I will be happy with my choice (as
soon as I start driving it!!!)

It doesn't matter what avenue you decide on with MG ownership -- what matters
is if you are enjoying yourself.

RE: the people at car shows who adopt a "holier than thou because I have X
part..." -- sod off. While you may have an MG that people drool over, your
personality would make flowers wilt. While there is no crime in being proud of
ones car (investment??), one shouldn't use it as a tool to boost their own

Enough of this soapbox mentality for now -- it's time for dinner!!! =)

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