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Re: "tatty" cars

To: Ben Ruset <>
Subject: Re: "tatty" cars
From: Keith Wheeler <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 98 08:04:40 PDT
Ben Ruset <> wrote:

>First off, this is a hobby. The point of the hobby is to have fun. While all
>the labor and sweat that we put into our cars may seem to be a pain
>the finished product always gives a sense of pride -- no matter how you

Agreed.  But I have to add one thing:  for some of us, this isn't a
hobby.  It's a way of life.  The first car I was ever in (and can
remember) was a Healy.  My 'Sebring' 'B was my first car, and I hope
to have it on the road many more years.  It is my daily driver (I'm
1600 miles from the old family homestead, my choice for daily drivers
is limited to either the MG or a road race perpared RX-7).  I can't
imagine life without a silly little sports just wouldn't
be life.

>it, no two MGs are alike anymore. Perhaps they were when they rolled out of
>Abingdon, but now, years of use and "care" has made each car special.

Maybe 'Bs and Midgets...but somewhere I've read that during the production
run of MGAs, because of options, colours, etc, no two on the assembly
line at any given time were identical...nice to know that all of us
in one way or another are maintaining that tradition.

-Keith Wheeler
Team Sanctuary                

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