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Re: "tatty" cars vs. perfection? Opinion Alert!

To: "Murray Arundell" <>, <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: "tatty" cars vs. perfection? Opinion Alert!
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:57:51 -0500
Since I started this thread...forgive me.
Good point. I never assumed that owners of "queens" have "pots" of money. At
least not with MGs -- maybe the XKE and Aston (Porsche, etc) folks, but
never the humble "common man (and lady)" brands.
Personally, I LOVE to look at "perfect", original  examples of any car. It
gives me motivation and at least a point of reference. And the
"approachable" part is all a matter of conversationalism...sometimes.
IMHO, the "perfect" LBC is clean and "happy" but driven (grease/dirt where
it happens).
The money is better "sunk" into mechanical improvements that are usually
found in street and/or racing ability and reliability, whichever is
preferred by the owner. The cosmetics are important, too, of course, but
only to a degree which gives personal pride in ownership and "thumbs-up"
status, or even a "I've had fun in this car and you can watch" aspect, which
is fun when looking at the average pretty lady (or guy) in an average car.
It's all about grin factor (evil/mad grins, sometimes, like installing the
retaining clip on the wheel cylinders).
I don't like these wonderful cars to be shut up in garages and on trailers
any more than I like to see them rusting away in a junkyard or barn...(I
think we're all in agreement here)
The ends of the spectrum are actually pretty close -- like a nursing home
and a hospital (or morgue).
Anything in between is fine by me.
Activity and a constant, happy drain on the wallet (depending on
circumstances) are what keep these cars and us drivers happy.
'73 B (happier now than when it was in the barn)

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