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Re: Eectrical Woes - Help!

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Subject: Re: Eectrical Woes - Help!
From: "Mike Lishego" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 12:22:19 -0400
Use a multimeter to check the voltage at the solenoid.  If there's none,
check the voltage at the starter relay.  If you're getting power going in
and none out, it could be your relay.  You say your ignition switch swings
from one pole to the other without any noticeable detents?  Check into a new
one...Yes, they're expensive, but that could be the source of your troubles.
Maybe someone else can give you a few tips on testing the ignition
switch...Mine needs work too!

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Michael S. Lishego

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From: Ben Ruset <>
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Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: Eectrical Woes - Help!

>Please list - don't fail me now. My youngest son wants to drive the MG to
>prom on May 22 and we need a week or two to get the car insected and teach
>to drive a stick.

Heh! He's lucky -- I had to take an 83 Lincoln Town Car.

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