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Re: %*&%*($ Moss!!!!

To: Carl French <>
Subject: Re: %*&%*($ Moss!!!!
From: Tim Nagy <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 12:58:34 -0400

try Enamels

no interest, but had the site bookmarked.  MG maroon is listed.


Carl French wrote:
> Tell me I am not reacting right here but I now have REPAINT my engine
> on my B again. I almost done repainting everything in the Bay including
> the Bay itself. I have six different paint brands in there. Moss Maroon
> engine paint, Eastwood radiator paint, Krylon gloss black, Dupont
> Acrylic enamel (Dark BRG), Rust-oleum Yellow, Some Wal-Mart Blue paint
> used for the washer bottle frame. I had a large quantity of radiator
> fluid (> 1 pint) sprayed on the car due to a loose clamp (my fault).
> Within a few minutes I rinsed it with water at my destination (5-10
> minutes) the engine paint that had been on for 1 & 2 weeks (ongoing
> project) the car has traveled a few hundred miles with some of the
> paint. Everywhere the radiator fluid contacted the maroon the paint
> washed out to Orange. None of the other paints were affected at all. I
> now have to repaint the whole engine again with my hometown show on
> Saturday. I called Moss Tech line and they said " Yeah, that happens
> pretty often to all paints" some colors are different blah, blah, blah.
> I found this entirely unsatisfying. It seems unreasonable to have an
> engine paint to react so horribly to antifreeze. There were no warnings
> to this effect anywhere on the label of this VERY expensive paint. How
> come my $.99 wal-mart paint is looking great. I am just very unsatisfied
> with Moss customer support right now (I have purchased almost everything
> for my restoration from them. Any one got any ideas? How about the
> Eastwood detail clear paint for engine components? any other maroon from
> other companies out there? HELP.
> Carl French
> 67B with Jackson Pollack paint job on the engine.

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