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%*&%*($ Moss!!!!

Subject: %*&%*($ Moss!!!!
From: Carl French <>
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 1999 12:35:38 -0400
Tell me I am not reacting right here but I now have REPAINT my engine
on my B again. I almost done repainting everything in the Bay including
the Bay itself. I have six different paint brands in there. Moss Maroon
engine paint, Eastwood radiator paint, Krylon gloss black, Dupont
Acrylic enamel (Dark BRG), Rust-oleum Yellow, Some Wal-Mart Blue paint
used for the washer bottle frame. I had a large quantity of radiator
fluid (> 1 pint) sprayed on the car due to a loose clamp (my fault).
Within a few minutes I rinsed it with water at my destination (5-10
minutes) the engine paint that had been on for 1 & 2 weeks (ongoing
project) the car has traveled a few hundred miles with some of the
paint. Everywhere the radiator fluid contacted the maroon the paint
washed out to Orange. None of the other paints were affected at all. I
now have to repaint the whole engine again with my hometown show on
Saturday. I called Moss Tech line and they said " Yeah, that happens
pretty often to all paints" some colors are different blah, blah, blah.
I found this entirely unsatisfying. It seems unreasonable to have an
engine paint to react so horribly to antifreeze. There were no warnings
to this effect anywhere on the label of this VERY expensive paint. How
come my $.99 wal-mart paint is looking great. I am just very unsatisfied
with Moss customer support right now (I have purchased almost everything
for my restoration from them. Any one got any ideas? How about the
Eastwood detail clear paint for engine components? any other maroon from
other companies out there? HELP.
Carl French 
67B with Jackson Pollack paint job on the engine.

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