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MGB Wanted

To: "" <>
Subject: MGB Wanted
From: Glen Bolen <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 10:14:26 -0700
Hey folks, I am new to this list.  My name is Glen Bolen.
I live in Portland Oregon.
I owned my first (and last) MG back in the 80's.  It was a 1963 that was 
tons of fun.  Well it has been
about 10 years since I sold the '63.  I have finally been able to infect my 
wife with the british car bug.
So, I am now looking for another MG.

I definately want a chrome bumper model.  I would guess that 68 or 9 would 
be my preference.  But I am pretty flexible.
I am mechanically comptetent so I am not afraid of something that needs 
some work.  In fact, I kind of miss working on my MG.  However, I don't 
have it in me to do a full restoration. (not yet anyway)
I want to stay below $5000

So, does anybody out there know of anything for sale in my area?

Thanks, and good to meet you all,

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