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Re: MGB Wanted

Subject: Re: MGB Wanted
From: Lane Rollins <>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 13:17:27 -0700
Faspec is still around, not what it used to be. That's both good and bad.
They have a bunch of adds up for different cars. There number is (503)

Other places to check in the Portland area,
Harold's 503-231-0417 (probably the best stocked britsh parts source)
The Import Garage 503-235-5951
Sports and Vintage Cars 503-254-4012 (Never know what peter has)
British Auto Works 503-690-7626
Grover Behrens Riley Parts 503-641-2211 (havn't delt with them)
There are a couple of others but I'm drawing blanks...

My suggestion would be to join one or both of the local MG clubs, both
started for specific models but now are general MG clubs. Club T MG meets
second Tuesday of the month at Elmer's Pancake House in Clackamas, and the
Columbia Gorge MGA club meets at Stark Street Pizza Second Friday of the

I have a MGCGT for sale... asking $2900.


>Is Faspec still around?  There's the big britcar meet there on Labor Day
>weekend.  Last year there were quite a few MGBs for sale there.
>    Larry
>On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 10:14:26AM -0700, Glen Bolen wrote:
>> Hey folks, I am new to this list.  My name is Glen Bolen.
>> I live in Portland Oregon.
>> I owned my first (and last) MG back in the 80's.  It was a 1963 that was
>> tons of fun.  Well it has been
>> about 10 years since I sold the '63.  I have finally been able to infect my
>> wife with the british car bug.
>> So, I am now looking for another MG.
>> I definately want a chrome bumper model.  I would guess that 68 or 9 would
>> be my preference.  But I am pretty flexible.
>> I am mechanically comptetent so I am not afraid of something that needs
>> some work.  In fact, I kind of miss working on my MG.  However, I don't
>> have it in me to do a full restoration. (not yet anyway)
>> I want to stay below $5000
>> So, does anybody out there know of anything for sale in my area?
>> Thanks, and good to meet you all,
>> Glen

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